Different Strategies For Both Teams To Score Betting

Both Teams to Score is probably one of the most popular betting strategies fairly making a huge part of the profits made by several punters. It is more of a method than an idea. However, there are some strategies that the players need to work upon when going for Both Teams to Score bets and the strategies are as follows:

  • From all the upcoming matches, the players need to select minimum three to five games that they think will surely end as Both Teams to Score. It is important for the players to have an idea of the games that they consider would match the BTTS bet. Specialists into placing such bets on a regular basis should have a complete list of the teams that have increased chances of scoring and conceding. Try short listing a minimum of ten to fifteen clubs.
  • Try adding more games to the list and checkmark the ones that are likely or unlikely to match the BTTS bet. When doing this, players need to take some factors into consideration, and these include motivation, defense and offense factor and home factor.
  • Try including Weak vs. weak games and try excluding strong Vs. Strong games. This is because when weak teams play against each other, they have increased chances of scoring against each other.
  • Statistics are very important. Always try checking the statistics of the teams before going for the BTTS bet. It is also essential for the punters to check the roaster of the teams to have an idea of the defenders and the forwards.